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Safe Journey: Empowering Children with Traffic Safety Education
Project Details

Interactive game promoting safe driving habits for children.

  • Client
    Shell Petroleum
  • Country
  • City
  • Budget
    48,000 QR
  • Date
    June 01, 2015

Safe Journey: Empowering Children with Traffic Safety Education

Safe Journey is a transformative project developed through the collaboration between Shell Petroleum and Cham Solutions & Programs, dedicated to empowering elementary school children in northern Qatar with comprehensive traffic safety education. Over the course of four months, this initiative brought to life an immersive and interactive game format, strategically designed to engage young learners and instill essential safe driving habits. With a dedicated budget of 48,000 QR, Safe Journey successfully delivered an impactful and engaging learning experience, ensuring a safer future for our young road users.

At the heart of the program lies an enchanting animated short film that invites children to embark on a virtual journey with Farah and her family as they set out on an exciting trip to the park. Through captivating storytelling, the film skillfully showcases a range of both safe and unsafe driving behaviors, effectively capturing the attention and imagination of the students. As the film unfolds, important lessons on responsible road conduct naturally emerge, setting the stage for meaningful classroom discussions and empowering children with the knowledge they need to make informed choices as future drivers and pedestrians.

Following the film, students eagerly participate in the interactive game using stationary tablets. The game presents them with thoughtfully crafted questions that test their comprehension of the traffic safety concepts presented in the film. Real-time monitoring capabilities empower teachers to observe students' progress, identify areas that require further attention, and select individuals to elaborate on their answers. This process not only strengthens students' understanding but also promotes critical thinking, collaboration, and effective communication skills as they engage in lively classroom debates.

The interactive nature of the game fueled healthy competition among students, as they enthusiastically vied for prizes graciously provided by Shell Petroleum. This infectious enthusiasm and engagement demonstrated a heightened awareness of traffic safety principles, inspiring positive behavioral changes in the children's everyday lives. Safe Journey not only equipped children with vital knowledge but also instilled a deep sense of social responsibility and community involvement, fostering a culture of safe driving practices and empathy for others on the road.

The remarkable success of the program has garnered recognition beyond the borders of northern Qatar. With a vision to extend the reach and impact of Safe Journey, Shell Petroleum plans to translate the game into English and explore opportunities for implementation in diverse countries worldwide. This ambitious expansion aims to empower more children across the globe with the essential tools and understanding to embark on a safe journey as responsible road users.

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