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FIFA World Cup 2022 Accommodation Management System
Project Details

Cutting-edge property management system for Elegancia Facility Management during FIFA World Cup 2022.

  • Client
    Elegancia Facility Management
  • Country
  • City
  • Budget
    72,000 QR
  • Date
    October 01, 2022

FIFA World Cup 2022 Accommodation Management System

Cham Solutions & Programs is delighted to showcase its remarkable accomplishment in developing a cutting-edge property management system for Elegancia Facility Management during the highly anticipated FIFA World Cup 2022. As the trusted developer for this prestigious project, Cham Solutions brought its expertise and technical prowess to create a comprehensive web-based application that revolutionized the management of accommodation for over 6,000 security guards.

The project, executed within a budget of 72,000 Qatari Riyals, encompassed a range of innovative features and functionalities that surpassed expectations. The meticulously designed system allowed for efficient room tagging, enabling seamless identification and organization of over 1,000 rooms across four distinct buildings, each designated as a sector. Through this intelligent tagging system, the software facilitated the smooth allocation and distribution of tenants based on their ranks and genders.

The system provided an in-depth understanding of the accommodation's capacity, accurately tracking the number of available beds in real-time. This feature ensured that overbooking was eliminated, and each security guard was provided with a comfortable and suitable living space throughout their stay.

Tenant management was streamlined with comprehensive profiles and files, facilitating smooth check-in and check-out procedures. The system also allowed for convenient transfers of tenants between rooms, ensuring flexibility and optimal utilization of the available space.

A highlight of the system was the generation of gate-pass cards for each tenant. These cards, embedded with tenant photos, names, ranks, and room numbers, served multiple purposes. They acted as a secure identification mechanism while also providing access to the canteen. The gate-pass cards enabled accurate meal tracking, allowing the catering company to generate precise reports for billing and accounting purposes.

Cleaning scheduling was made effortless through the system, with the ability to schedule daily or alternate-day cleaning for different rooms. The management team could easily update and distribute the cleaning schedule to the dedicated teams, ensuring a well-coordinated and efficient cleaning process.

Laundry services were seamlessly integrated into the system, with tenants able to register their laundry requests and receive clean clothes either in their rooms or from designated collection stations. The system generated daily laundry reports, providing the accounting department with accurate information for efficient tracking and billing.

Furthermore, the system effectively managed the maintenance log, providing a streamlined process for tenants to report any issues in their rooms. Tickets were categorized based on importance, impact, and priority, ensuring that the responsible maintenance teams promptly addressed and resolved the reported problems. The system facilitated seamless communication between tenants, maintenance teams, and management, with updates and actions tracked to ensure timely ticket closure.

Cham Solutions & Programs successfully delivered the property management system within a short timeframe, meeting the high-quality standards set by Elegancia Facility Management and FIFA World Cup organizers. The project's resounding success was highly appreciated by all stakeholders, including tenants, the project team, Elegancia management, and the FIFA World Cup organizers.

This remarkable achievement firmly establishes Cham Solutions & Programs as a trusted partner in delivering tailor-made software solutions that address complex and unique challenges in the facilities management domain.

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