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Caring Eagle

Caring Eagle is a revolutionary software solution designed to meet the unique needs of school transportation management. With its state-of-the-art features, Caring Eagle ensures the safety and security of students during transportation, while providing parents, drivers, and administrators with real-time tracking and attendance information. From efficient routing to automated scheduling, Caring Eagle is the ultimate solution for schools looking to improve their transportation management system. With Caring Eagle, school administrators, drivers, parents, and students can all rest assured that they are in good hands.

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Caring Eagle - For Parents
For Parents

As a parent, you want to know that your child is safe during their daily commute to and from school. At Caring Eagle, we understand your concerns, which is why we've developed a mobile app that helps you keep track of your child's bus trip. With our app, you can see the exact location of the school bus during its trip to pick up or drop off your child. You'll receive notifications when the bus is near your home, so you can prepare your child for pickup or prepare yourself for drop off. Our app also alerts you if your child is riding the wrong bus or is going out of the bus at the wrong address, giving you peace of mind knowing that your child is safe and secure during their daily commute.

For Administrators

At Caring Eagle, we understand that student transportation is a critical aspect of school operations. That's why we've developed a comprehensive software system that makes it easier than ever for school administrators to manage their transportation operations. With Caring Eagle, administrators can create and schedule routes with the most efficient routes, ensuring that students arrive on time and safely. Our software also helps administrators track bus trips, automate morning, afternoon, and evening transportation to and from school, and monitor student attendance. With Caring Eagle, administrators can streamline their transportation operations, reduce costs, and improve the overall safety of their students.

Caring Eagle - For School Administrators

Caring Eagle - For Bus Drivers
For Bus Drivers

Bus drivers play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of students during their daily commute. At Caring Eagle, we understand the challenges that bus drivers face, which is why we've developed a software system that makes their job easier and more efficient. With Caring Eagle, drivers can view the most efficient route, which saves time and ensures that they never get lost. Our system also provides drivers with alerts and alarms if a student is riding the wrong bus or is going out of the bus at the wrong address. This helps drivers stay organized and focused on the road, without having to worry about counting students or keeping track of schedules manually. With Caring Eagle, bus drivers can feel confident that they have the support they need to do their job effectively.

For Students

For students, riding the bus to and from school can be a stressful experience. With Caring Eagle, we're committed to making their daily commute as safe and stress-free as possible. Our system helps prevent students from riding the wrong bus, and it gives an alarm to the driver or the bus supervisor if the student is going out of the bus at the wrong address or is missing their drop off location. This ensures that students arrive safely and on time, without having to worry about getting lost or missing their stop. With Caring Eagle, students can feel confident that they'll have a safe and stress-free commute to and from school every day.

Caring Eagle - For Students

Caring Eagle - For the Community
For the Community

Finally, at Caring Eagle, we believe that our software system can benefit the entire community. By improving the safety and efficiency of student transportation, we're helping to ensure that our community's children can get to and from school safely and on time. Our system also helps reduce traffic congestion and pollution by optimizing routes and reducing unnecessary trips. By investing in Caring Eagle, the community can take an important step toward creating a safer, more sustainable future for our children.

Cost and Revenue
Caring Eagle - Totally Free
Zero Cost

At Caring Eagle, we believe in empowering schools with a comprehensive transportation management solution that comes at zero cost. We understand the importance of optimizing resources while providing students with a safe and efficient transportation experience. That's why we offer our advanced system to schools without any upfront or ongoing fees. By eliminating financial barriers, we enable schools to adopt Caring Eagle and enhance their transportation operations without worrying about budget constraints. Experience the benefits of our zero-cost adoption and unlock a new level of efficiency for your school.

Careing Eagle - 30 Percent
Revenue Sharing

In addition to our no-cost adoption, we have implemented a revenue sharing model that creates additional financial opportunities for schools. When students utilize our school bus services, a nominal fee of only 35 QR per student per semester is charged. What makes this arrangement even more exciting is that schools receive 30% of the collected fees. This revenue sharing model allows schools to turn transportation into a revenue stream, providing them with additional resources to enhance the overall educational experience. With Caring Eagle, not only can you streamline your transportation operations, but you can also tap into a new source of revenue that benefits your school community.

Choose Caring Eagle as your trusted school bus scheduling and attendance solution, and take advantage of our zero-cost adoption and revenue sharing model. Contact us today to learn more about how our system can transform your transportation management and financial outlook.