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Wifaq Visitor Registration System
Project Details

Streamlined visitor registration system for Wifaq, enhancing efficiency and strengthening family services.

  • Client
    Family Consultation Center - Wifaq
  • Country
  • City
  • Budget
    240,000 QR
  • Date
    February 01, 2020

Wifaq Visitor Registration System

Cham Solutions & Programs successfully developed and implemented the Wifaq Visitor Registration System for the Family Consultation Center (Wifaq). This innovative software solution revolutionized the visitor registration process, optimizing efficiency and enhancing the quality of services provided by Wifaq.

With a focus on user-friendliness and effectiveness, the system features self-registration stations equipped with touch screens and barcode scanners. Visitors can effortlessly register their information, saving time and minimizing administrative burdens. For returning visitors, a convenient ID card scanning option eliminates the need for redundant data entry.

The system empowers visitors to choose the specific department and employee they wish to meet, ensuring a seamless experience. By capturing vital visit information, such as consultation, business meeting, parental visit, or personal visit, the system facilitates streamlined operations and tailored services.

Notifying employees of visitor arrivals is a breeze with the system's electronic email and SMS messaging capabilities. This real-time communication enables efficient coordination and ensures that employees are promptly informed of visitor details.

Furthermore, the system offers a comprehensive visitor card issuance and custody tracking system. Receptionists can securely hold visitor ID cards while issuing temporary visitor cards. This feature enhances security measures and provides a smooth visitor check-in and check-out process.

Flexibility and accessibility are key strengths of the web-based system. Employees and management can effortlessly access the system from any location, promoting remote collaboration and efficient workflow management.

The Wifaq Visitor Registration System also empowers department management with insightful dashboards and robust reporting functionalities. These tools enable data-driven decision-making and help evaluate employee efficiency and departmental performance.

Cham Solutions & Programs, with its experienced team and expertise in software development, successfully delivered the project within a tight timeline of 4 months. The project budget of 240,000 QR was effectively allocated to ensure the development of a top-notch solution that met and exceeded client expectations.

The implementation of the Wifaq Visitor Registration System marks a significant milestone in enhancing the visitor experience and overall efficiency of the Family Consultation Center. Cham Solutions & Programs takes pride in its partnership with Wifaq, contributing to the mission of building and strengthening family ties, counseling, and mitigating the negative effects of family disintegration.

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