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The Journey of Doctor Chef

Discover the captivating journey of Doctor Chef, an Italian restaurant in Qatar, as they experience the benefits of Jasmine RMS, explore other options, and ultimately choose to return to Cham Solutions' trusted restaurant management system.

The Journey of Doctor Chef

Doha, Qatar - Doctor Chef, a renowned Italian restaurant with three branches in Qatar, has embarked on an eventful journey with Jasmine RMS, the comprehensive restaurant management system offered by Cham Solutions. The restaurant, owned by a highly popular social media influencer known for their good reputation, initially embraced Jasmine RMS in 2020 when they opened their first branch in the vibrant Al Rayyan area. Their trust in Jasmine RMS continued as they expanded with the opening of their second branch in Al Wakra and their third branch in Al Duahil area.

In March 2023, however, Doctor Chef made the decision to explore other restaurant management solutions, signaling their intention to move away from Jasmine RMS. While Cham Solutions respected their choice, the news came as a surprise after the successful partnership that had been established over the years. Doctor Chef opted for an alternative, more affordable solution.

Yet, within just three weeks, a pivotal moment occurred. Mr. Baseel, the head of accounts at Doctor Chef, reached out to Cham Solutions once again. In an unexpected turn of events, Doctor Chef officially informed Cham Solutions that they would like to reactivate their Jasmine RMS licenses and renew their subscription for another full year.

The decision to return to Jasmine RMS speaks volumes about the restaurant's experience during their exploration of other options. Despite venturing into an alternative solution, Doctor Chef found that the value, reliability, and performance of Jasmine RMS were unmatched. They recognized the unique advantages that the system provided in streamlining their operations, enhancing guest experiences, and enabling efficient restaurant management.

"We are thrilled to welcome Doctor Chef back to the Cham Solutions family," expressed Mr. Firas Shrourou, CEO of Cham Solutions. "Their decision to return to Jasmine RMS reaffirms the trust and satisfaction they have experienced with our software. We are committed to continuing our support and providing them with the tools they need to achieve their business goals."

Doctor Chef's captivating journey with Jasmine RMS serves as a testament to the system's capabilities and the unwavering commitment of Cham Solutions to deliver excellence in restaurant management solutions. The story of Doctor Chef's return exemplifies the power of a trusted partnership and the undeniable value that Jasmine RMS brings to the table.

About Cham Solutions:
Cham Solutions is a leading provider of software solutions for the hospitality industry. Their flagship product, Jasmine RMS, offers a comprehensive suite of modules designed to streamline operations, enhance guest experiences, and drive business growth.