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Plus Fitness Chooses Nady CMS

Plus Fitness selects Nady CMS for enhanced club management, improving operations and member experience.

Plus Fitness Chooses Nady CMS

Doha, Qatar - Plus Fitness, a leading fitness club known for its indoor swimming pools and professional trainers, has selected Nady CMS, a comprehensive club management system, to enhance its operations. Under the ownership of Mrs. Mervet and with the guidance of Operations Manager Mrs. Walaa, Plus Fitness aims to improve efficiency and member experience by migrating to the advanced features of Nady CMS.

With a focus on catering to members of all ages, Plus Fitness offers a wide range of training programs and special classes, including karate and Judo classes. Recognizing the limitations of their previous system, Mrs. Mervet sought a more robust solution. After a comprehensive presentation by Cham Solutions and Programs, the team behind Nady CMS, Mrs. Mervet was impressed by its capabilities and made the decision to implement Nady CMS without hesitation.

Throughout the transition, Mrs. Walaa played a vital role as the key contact between Plus Fitness and Cham Solutions and Programs. Her exceptional coordination and dedication ensured a smooth data migration process. Mrs. Walaa supervised the training sessions for the receptionists and trainers, ensuring they were fully equipped to utilize the features of Nady CMS. Her enthusiasm and satisfaction with the system further solidify the club's confidence in its decision to choose Nady CMS.

Nady CMS provides Plus Fitness with a comprehensive set of tools and features, including membership management, classes and trainers management, subscription and billing, point of sale, attendance tracking, and more. With the ability to streamline administrative tasks and improve member services, Plus Fitness anticipates a significant enhancement in its overall operations.

"We are thrilled to partner with Plus Fitness and support their mission of delivering exceptional fitness experiences to their members," said Mr. Firas Shrourou, CEO of Cham Solutions and Programs. "Nady CMS is designed to empower clubs like Plus Fitness with robust management capabilities, ensuring operational efficiency and member satisfaction."

About Plus Fitness:
Plus Fitness is a renowned fitness club that offers a wide range of training programs and special classes, including indoor swimming, karate, and Judo. With a focus on providing excellent fitness experiences for all ages, Plus Fitness strives to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for its members.

About Cham Solutions and Programs:
Cham Solutions and Programs is a leading provider of club management solutions, offering Nady CMS, a comprehensive software designed to streamline operations and enhance member experiences. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Cham Solutions and Programs empower clubs and fitness centers to optimize their operations and achieve success.