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Elegancia Resources Renews Trust in GHR

Cham Solutions & Programs is pleased to announce that Elegancia Resources, a leading provider of skilled workers for construction companies in Qatar, has renewed its license with GHR System for the seventh consecutive year.

Elegancia Resources Renews Trust in GHR

Doha, Qatar - Cham Solutions & Programs, a trusted provider of comprehensive HR and payroll solutions, is delighted to announce that Elegancia Resources has reaffirmed its trust in the GHR System by renewing its license for the seventh consecutive year. This renewal reflects the continued success of the partnership between Elegancia Resources and GHR System in streamlining HR operations and optimizing workforce management.

As a renowned provider of skilled workers for construction companies throughout Qatar, Elegancia Resources has been utilizing GHR System to effectively manage its expansive workforce of more than 14,000 employees. The system's robust features and modules have played a pivotal role in enhancing HR processes, improving employee engagement, and ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations.

Mr. Firas Shrourou, CEO of Cham Solutions & Programs, expressed his gratitude for the ongoing collaboration with Elegancia Resources, stating, "We are honored that Elegancia Resources has chosen to renew their trust in GHR System for the seventh consecutive year. This reaffirms our commitment to delivering innovative and tailored HR solutions that meet the unique needs of companies operating in the GCC region."

The head of Payroll and Revenue at Elegancia Resources, Mr. Loai Abu Ghazal, praised the GHR System for its contribution to their operations, saying, "GHR System has been instrumental in streamlining our HR processes and ensuring accurate payroll management. The system's comprehensive modules and user-friendly interface have significantly improved our efficiency and productivity."

GHR System provides a wide range of modules including personnel management, attendance tracking, payroll processing, operations management, transportation management, invoicing, and more. The system's integration capabilities, robust reporting features, and real-time workforce distribution visualization through the GHR Map module have proven invaluable in managing Elegancia Resources' workforce and optimizing project allocations.

The renewed trust of Elegancia Resources in GHR System is a testament to the system's reliability, effectiveness, and adaptability to the unique requirements of the GCC labor market. Cham Solutions & Programs remains committed to providing exceptional support and continuous enhancements to ensure Elegancia Resources and other valued clients achieve their HR and operational objectives.

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