Qatar Delicious

Control your restaurant operations from the menu, sales, accounting, stores and attendance.
Qatar Delicious gives you the tools to put your menu on QR Code, on Tablet or Smart TV or on your website.
Qatar Delicious will help you control your restaurant's daily operations with Cashier Terminal, Waiter Pads, Kitchen KDS, Accounting and stores.

Top Features

Cashier Terminal

Open Orders, Send to Kitchen, Print Check and Recieve Payments.

Waiter Pad

Full Menu with items photos and description. Open new order or add to existing order.

Kitchen KDS

Shows kitchen orders on wide TV screen with delay alerts and serve functionality

Kitchen Tablet

Shows kitchen orders on 10" Tablet with delay alerts and serve functionality


Journal Vouchers, Suppliers Accounting, Profit & Lost Statement and Trial Balance


Multi Stores, Receipe Engineering, Multi Storage Units for Raw Materials


Integration with punching machines, Work Shifts grouping and assignments

Contactless Menu

Put your menu on QR Code and keep the customers safe.

Menu on Tablet

Your restaurant menu on Android Tablet or Apple iPAD

Menu on Smart TV

Display your restaurant menu on Smart TV as Digital Signage

Menu on Website

Let your gusts browse your menu on your website

Guests' Comments

Feedback and comments from your guests using Menu on Tablet